MiniBeast Club (Monthly Frame Subscription)

  • £39.99

Join the MiniBeast club and receive a unique and special frame worth up to £60 every month!

All for just £39.99 per month, including free UK shipping.


Start or grow your collection of entomology frames with our exclusive Minibeast Entomology Frame Club. Each month we will surprise you with a specimen that is completely unique to the club and not available for sale on our website. For your first month's frame, you can choose one of our all-time best sellers. Either the Amazing Deaths Head Moth, the shimmering Menelaus Blue Morpho Butterfly, the huge Peacock Butterfly or one of our all-time favourites, the Gray's Leaf Insect.

You can choose which type of entomology frames you would like to include in your collection and we will supply a variation over your subscription period. If you just want real butterfly frames then the choice is yours. Simply select which frames and the colour you would like and we will source the best entomology specimens from around the globe for your collection.

We have partnerships with tropical farms all over the world and we can guarantee you will receive absolutely stunning butterflies and moth frames every month. If you have chosen to receive all types of entomology with your membership we have some very special and interesting beetles and insects to decorate your home or office.

All our specimens are ethically sourced. All of the specimens we work with are raised on butterfly farms which help to preserve the valuable rainforest habitat by providing villagers with an ethical income other than clearing virgin tropical rainforest. Please view our ethical pages from the menu for more information.

Frame sizes can include 5 x 5 inch / 6 x 6 inch / 9 x 7 inch.

And remember. You will never receive a frame that is for sale on our website. We will source unique and new beautiful specimens every month for you and only available to you as a club member. This way we will ensure you will never receive a specimen you may already own or have previously purchased.

Start your amazing collection now.

Terms & Info:

* Two month minimum membership
* Payment taken automatically each month.
* Address can be changed at any time.
* Cancel anytime after month two.
* Non-UK orders will have £6.99 added to cover international postage costs.
* Loyalty Points are not accrued.

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