Minibeast Best Sellers Entomology Wall Display - "Lounge"


Madagascan Sunset Moth Underside
(Chrysiridia rhipheus) £38

Purple Mountain Swallowtail
(Graphium weiskei arfakensis) £38

XL Mountain Blue Swallowtail
(Papilio ulysses) £55

The Blushing Phantom Butterfly
(Cithaerias pireta) £38

Forest Mother-Of-Pearl Butterfly
(Salamis parhassus) £38

The Peacock Butterfly
(Papilio blumei) £48.99

Save £55 buying this display!

This item / specimen is no longer available, or we are not currently able to source. This may change in future, if you wish to leave a reminder below, please do so.

Bring your home to life with our entomology displays, we have handpicked 5 best selling frames to showcase a truly stunning collection in your home or workspace.

This display includes:

Madagascan Sunset Moth Underside (Chrysiridia rhipheus)  - 6 x 6 Inch frame

Purple Mountain Swallowtail (Graphium weiskei arfakensis) £38 - 5 x 5 Inch frame

XL Mountain Blue Swallowtail (Papilio ulysses) £55 - 9 x 7 Inch frame

The Blushing Phantom Butterfly (Cithaerias pireta) £38 - 5 x 5 Inch frame

Forest Mother-Of-Pearl Butterfly (Salamis parhassus) £38 - 6 x 6 Inch frame 

The Peacock Butterfly (Papilio blumei) £48.99 - 6 x 6 Inch frame

Quality: A1 What does this mean?

Prepared: By our very own entomologists.

Frame: Black or white wood. Handmade in our workshop.

Please Be Aware: The specimen that you will receive may differ in size, shape or colour very slightly since you are purchasing a natural product.

Where do we source our insect specimens? All of our specimens are purchased from conservation farming projects. Please visit our ethics pages in the menu for details on the type of projects we work with.

This would be a beautiful addition to your home or office.

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