Taxidermy Kuhl's Flying Gecko in Box Frame (Ptychozoon kuhli)

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A Taxidermy Kuhl's Flying Gecko in a handmade wooden frame mounted on high-quality acid-free conservation board. The Latin and region names are printed underneath the specimen.

 Tychozoon kuhli, commonly known as Kuhl's flying gecko or the common flying gecko, is a species of Asian gecko. The Gecko has flaps on either side of its body, webbed feet, and a flattened tail to allow it to glide over short distances

Latin Name: Ptychozoon kuhli

Distribution: Ptychozoon kuhli can be found in most regions of Asia.

Frame: Handmade in our workshop.

Frame Size: 10 x 8 Inch.

Please Be Aware: The specimen that you will receive may differ in size, shape or colour very slightly since you are purchasing a natural product.

Approx Length (cm) 8
Gender Male, Female
Frame Size (Inches) 10 x 8
Specimen Colour Brown, Green, Grey
Distribution Asia

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