Pterosaur Dinosaur Tooth Fossil - (Coloborhynchus sp)

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A stunning Pterosaur dinosaur tooth fossil in a handmade wooden frame mounted on high-quality backing board. Common and Latin names are printed underneath.

Coloborhynchus sp is a toothed pterosaur dinosaur, or flying reptile. They have been recorded in Brazil, US and United Kingdom. Several species of pterosaur have been recorded also in Morocco, both toothed and non-toothed varieties.

The fossil you receive will be a very close example of the one shown in the photo.

Approx Size: 4cm

Latin Name: Coloborhynchus sp

Fossil Age: 110 million years old.

Fossil Origin: Morrocco

Period: Cretaceous

Stage: Albanian

Frame: Black or white wood, handmade in our workshop.

Frame Size: 9 x 7 Inch

This would be a beautiful addition to your home or office.

Approx Length (cm) 4
Frame Size (Inches) 5 x 5
Distribution Morrocco

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